Download AIYE by Barry Jhay and PitaStringz (Guitarific)

It is blazing Hot!!!
The much awaited song is out!!!

Barry Jhay’s AIYE has ultimately been re-fixed by PitaStringz (Ibadan Number 1 Guitarist), and this was done in a more Guitarfied, Guitarific and Guitarlicious manner. PitaStringz really gave a nice input to the composition by the City People Award Winner, Barry Jhay.

Let us not forget that Barry Jhay’s “Aiye” was recorded as one of the hottest Single by an upcoming Nigerian Artist this 2018. This is because of Barry Jhay’s display of creativity and talent in the creation of his piece; as his unique style of music is a creative combination of the pop genre and traditional culture, with heavy reliance wise words for its lyrics.

Stream Song Below


Download Aiye-Pitastrings and Barry Jhay


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