The Power of Drama/Movies

The impact of drama/movie cannot be overemphasized. As I got towards the end of the book I was reading by bro. Gbile Akanni titled, What God Looks For In His Vessel, I read one striking note he made regarding this subject and I felt I should share it with us.

“The eye and the ear are two great gates to the mind! The mouth is not even as dangerous a gate as these two…because they are entry doors to the mind. The Flesh knows this and will do everything to hold the key to these gates.

The whole world system is hinged on the lust of the eyes. Eve was trapped by the old serpent when she SAW that “the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes; she took of the fruit thereof…”

Out of these two gates, the eye surpasses in effects. Even the old adage says: “what I hear, I forget, what I see I remember and what I do I know…” The eye makes photographs for the mind to ponder upon and develop like the negative of a photographic film.

The television, films and drama show all hinge on the power of this gate – the EYE!”

From the excerpt above, you can see that there’s power in drama and film. The impact a film will make in a life will last longer than the impact a sermon or talk will have in one’s life. A picture in a film or drama is worth a thousand words. That’s why whenever I write script, I want to ensure that it is action-packed. I rather make the actor SHOW their inner drive/character than say it. There are even dramas that don’t include words yet they convey deep meaning and make an indelible impact on the viewers.

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God bless.

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Alienyi E. Jeremiah is an author and a gifted Christian scriptwriter. He has written countless short scripts for stage and screen and a number full-length scripts for movies.

He’s also a professional cinematography and an editor. Alienyi E. Jeremiah is the current president of Pearly Gate Media, Nigeria.

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