The Role of Good Music in Nigeria’s Development – Pita Strings Speaks

As we celebrate the Independence of our great Nation, Nigeria, we are called to examine the number of years we have spent and ask ourselves if this day is really worth celebrating. With the cries of lamentation everywhere and the obvious display of inability to rule the nation, by our leader, we are forced to ask ourselves, “Quo Vadis Nigeria?” – which means, “Where are we going to, Nigeria?” It is on this note that we have our guest speaker here, who is determined to convince us that Music can actually play a role in Nigeria’s development. Sit back as we have this educative exclusive interview session with Prince Abobarin Olaoluwa, popularly known as Pitastrings. He is a music minister, a lead guitarist and a Mechanical Engineering student of The Polytechnic Ibadan. He is a young musician with a difference.

You can click here to know more about him and watch his guitar video covers.


KSInfo: Good Evening Mr Pita Strings. Thank you once more for granting us this privilege of having this exclusive interview with you, we are indeed honoured.
PitaStringz: The pleasure is mine!
KSInfo: This is the second time you honoured our request for an interview, we really appreciate your positive reply at all times, your support, contributions and aid. We truly appreciate this kind gesture of yours.
PitaStringz: You are always welcome
KSInfo: The last interview we had, you said that you were cooking some tracks for the public. I am sure it should be out by now. How did the preparation go and how was the feedback you got as regards the track?
PitaStringz: Yeah! Glory to God! I recently dropped a song, the “Guitar Version of Ire” by Adekunle Gold which was able to Reach thousands of downloads.

If you haven’t downloaded the song you can do so by clicking here Download
The feedback is impressive, and that’s one of the proofs we need to show us that there are still lovers of Good music!
KSInfo: Wow. That is impressive. For an artiste to get that number of downloads, it takes the grace of God, talent, publicity and, before I forget, it must be a good piece. And in this case, you are an instrumentalist. Truth be told, instrumentalists hardly get enough downloads like this, but yours is a different case.
PitaStringz: Well! Like you said it takes the grace of God, Talent and so on!! Grace is very important. So is Talent and Hardwork too! I have seen many instrumentalist make Sounds (many call it music)! But only a few understand that there is a very big difference between Sound and Music!

Music is the food for the soul…!
We really need to Understand that and Study to show ourselves Worthy

KSInfo: Those are really striking words there “Music is the food for the soul…! We really need to Understand that and Study to show ourselves Worthy”

Thank you for this beautiful message
PitaStringz: You are welcome
KSInfo: This will certainly usher us to our theme of today’s interview, which is “The Role of GOOD MUSIC in Nigeria’s Development”.

Based on the fact that we are celebrating our independence day tomorrow, we know that Nigeria still has a long way to go to prove herself worthy of being independent. The country isn’t developed and the masses are complaining daily. Lives are lost based on ethnic and religious sentiments and hatred and all these are happening to this great nation. We want to know what good music can do to help this situation so that it won’t be worst but better.
Can you begin by telling us what GOOD MUSIC is?

You can click here to know more about him and watch his guitar video covers.

PitaStringz: Ooh yeah! Here are some of the definitions of music

  • Music is any pleasing or interesting sound!
  • Music is an art form created by the organization of pitch, Rhythm and sounds made using musical instruments and sometimes vocal (singing)!!

But we would realize there are Different kind of music these days! Lyrically weak, the Arrangement is Poor and not still pleasant to majority’s hearings but for the fact that It’s everywhere (on radio stations, Television stations, On the net and so on) people are forced to Get used to it!
I believe music has the power to Change People, the kind of music you listen to, says lot of things about an individual
Music is a food (to the soul) remember… if you feed your soul with good food, you will live but if you feed it with otherwise, the soul would be contaminated! The thinking would be contaminated also and that’s a disaster to the society and the Nation, at large.. Music get Stuck to the brain easily! Even if it’s just once you hear it! It would be there for life!

Back to your question!
Music has the power to change us! Be it for Good or otherwise! Which means the more we have musicians that does Good music for the society! The more we Feed the souls the nation with positivity
There is no way we would hear it in the songs we listen to that,Killing of People is bad,Abusing of drugs is bad constantly that we would still do it! Trust me !!
But we are in a society whereby such bad things are encouraged through Music especially.
Good Music purifies The mind
Thank you
KSInfo: Wow
You certainly said the whole truth about this. But the bitter truth is that most people don’t listen to songs because of the lyrics nowadays, they listen to songs probably because they can dance the latest dance style with it, like shaku shaku and the rest. If you don’t give them a song that you can dance with the trending dance style, your song will be regarded as nonsense or dull song. I guess this is one of the reasons why people don’t care about what kind of songs they feed on, be it good or bad, insofar as it is danceable.

What do you think can be done about this menace?
PitaStringz: We need to Encourage Musicians to Do music for passion,For the Love of it and not for Money! Because that’s where the real problem is!
Most musicians just wanna make quick money,Live large and Have fun! That’s all … But the truth is People love Good music! Though they wouldn’t admit! But we all do! Why do we love Asa? Johnny drille? Ric Hassan? Adekunle Gold? Simi? And so on? That’s to show we love good music. All we have to do Encourage More of it!
KSInfo: Thank you so much for you words, your lovely responses and the time you created for us amidst your busy schedule. We are really grateful and we hope to see you more often. Thank you once more
PitaStringz: You are always welcome.

Contact PitaStringz: via Facebook @ Prince Abobarin PitaStringz, via Instagram @ pitastringz_official and email -peterabobarin@outlook

You can click here to know more about him and watch his guitar video covers.

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