An Experience Never to Forget: Ilashe Island Takeover

I remember back then when I was still a pupil of Bright Angels Primary School, our primary 3 teacher asked us to write a Composition on “The Day I Will Never Forget”. You should trust us in answering those questions: lots of wonderful experiences that we wrote of which most of them were based on lies or dreams. In fact, truth be told, these teachers were teaching us how to lie: how can you tell a student to write a letter to his/her brother in the United States of America when you know fully well that they haven’t even crossed the borders of Lagos State, not to even mention going to their home town, lol.

Although we framed up such nice and wonderful experiences when we were small, we still dreamt of experiencing such events.

The Ilashe Island Takeover of June 4th -5th, is one of such events that one dreamt of experiencing, and which finally became a reality for the few of us that participated in it.

Ilashe Island is situated in the same island with Tarkwa bay, off Tin can waters. The event of May 26-27, which was organized by Onye Njem was truly an Island Take Over. We went to the venue with a slight doubt, owing to the fact that some things in Nigeria are over rated or exaggerated during advertising and when you experience it yourself it’s effect will be as though you were defrauded of a huge sum of money.

When we got to the jetty, after overcoming Lagos mainland traffic, we had to take a speed boat to the Island. For safety purpose, we were all given life jackets. As we sailed through the Inland waters, accompanied by the cool breeze, we started having positive vibes towards the event. This boat ride lasted for about 10 minutes.

When we got to the Island, it was indeed like heaven on earth. Should I begin with the nature of the atmosphere, the cool breeze, the neat environment, the beautiful and good looking house for relaxation (with neat and furnished kitchen, living room, massive bedrooms, bath rooms and toilets, amongst others). Did I mention the wonderful and natural pool there or the natural vegetation. Indeed it was a wonderful sight to behold

We were all given the ONYE NJEM T-SHIRT as a surprise package. The rest was fun fun fun, ranging from outdoor activities, in the afternoon, to indoor activities. You need to see how people are cracking up their brains in other to defeat their opponents in games like chess, draft, snake and ladder, ludo and AYO. There was even time for meditation, where you get connected with nature and reflect on your own self as well as your relationship with others. Oh, it seems I forgot to mention that the meals were so…….., it seems I gat no words to describe it. We had lots of food and drinks, and some of us kept wondering if we’ve not exhausted the amount we paid for the tour, because we certainly enjoyed more than what we paid for.

From the time we all gathered, till the time we reached our individual homes, the next day, there was no dulling moment at all. I don’t think I can exhaustively give you an in depth details of how things went, because if I want to embark on that journey it means that I’ll have to publish at least 3 books ranging from the pre-event Expectations, Experience of the event and post event Feelings.

This was truly an Island Takeover

I look forward to Ilashe Island Takeover 2.0as well as other exciting programs you don’t wanna miss

Ahead of October 1st holiday 2018, this package is available for everyone. Come and enjoy lots of fun, adventure and much more.

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