I Call You Father by Tony Mary

I am Tony, popularly known as TonyMary.

I discovered my musical talent at the age of five (5) falling in love with the beautiful songs of Don Moen, Lucky Dube, Don William and Celine Dion. My Dad always plays these songs on our DVD player daily from 4am as he prepares for work. I would just open my feeble eyes halfway and listen passionately to the emotional lyrics of the songs that caress my heart. This formed my foundation and love for music.

I joined the choir at the age of eleven (11) in Saint Kizito Minor Seminary where in 2007 I joined a musical band “The Divine singers.” There, I started composing songs of my own though never rendered at that time. Actually this is not my first time in the studio, my first was in 2014 when I rendered a single for my sister’s wedding titled “KostyEmmy”. My second time was a track titled “When can I see you?” in view of my birthday, and it wasn’t a single as I sang alongside Virginia, D fames and MC Samloco.

I have a passion for music, real music emanating from the depth of the heart as evident in the lyrics of this track “I CALL YOU FATHER”. The inspiration came from a careful and thorough reflection, meditation and contemplation of the love of God in my life from the moment of my conception until this day that I stand in the awe of His grace. There were moments of sin and iniquity, moments of betrayal and disappointments yet His merciful alms is always ready to receive me and shower me with His fatherly love as evident in the moments of blissful joy, happiness and unending blessings that were undeserving yet experienced. A father He is indeed.

I Call You Father (lyrics)

See my life time
And the thing I’ve made of me
You gave them all to me
You my God
See the things I’ve dreamt
And the things I’ve conceived
You’ll give them all to me
Coz you’re my God
Ch. And so I call you FATHER
So I call you father (2x)

Coz you are my father
Lost in the dark
I couldn’t find my way
Until you shine your light
You brightened my way
Just like a child I strayed
But on the cross the price you paid
Now see am freed again….yes
Coz you believed in me (ch)
Ad. See the things I’ve received, and the things I’ve conceived
See my life and my dreams you have proffered
So I give you the praise and call upon your name
And now I call you FA….THER

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