My Story

Do you want to listen to my Story?
You may not like how the story-line goes
But I cannot run away from it
Because it is my story.

Many people wish they were me, but they don’t know that the problems I am facing could be compared to extinguishing hell fire

They don’t know the tears or pains beneath the smile. Not to even mention the severe teeth (not tooth o) wahala ayam facing.

They are marveled at the gifts I possess, but they don’t know that I did nothing to merit those gifts (coughs, I sha worked hard to keep the fire burning, ntoor).

You look up to someone as your mentor, but walahi, I no get any mentor. Emmm, ideally Jesus is our mentor sha, but in terms of physical mentor, I don’t want to plagiarise someone else story to make up mine. Rather I want my Story to be unique.

And funny enough, I am not even the major character in my own story oooo, SMH. Me that I dinno even like acting as the head or exercising any supremacy, rather Oluwa is the major character. Me ayam just doing best assist.

Don’t think you can understand me, walahi it’s a failed enterprise, cos I don’t even understand myself. You may think I am angry, but guess what, it is you that is thinking that one is not me. And when am not supposed to be angry, that’s when I’ll na be angry (Yoruba boy, SMH)

I may look like someone with no plans, but eeeeen, in fact appearance is not reality. You can’t predict me, sorry ihye. I can’t even predict myself. So when you think I am clueless, I’ll surprise you with my plans. Lol, don’t run away oooo, just know that it is Ksam (C’est moi Ksam).

I don’t mind respecting a little child, because I know everyone deserves respect (even the child in the womb, so yes am a pro-life person. I don’t support any form of induced abortion). If I greet a small pikin, good morning ma/sir don’t think ayam mad, ayam sha respecting him (lol, don’t coman kee me here oooo).

I don’t mind being friends with any body oooo, but as friends we should sha respect and Trust each other. I omitted understanding because like I said before, you cannot understand me hehe and I can’t understand you so let us not coman start deceiving each other with the so called harsh tag #understanding

Most times, I actually do not know what I am doing but when I see the outcome I’ll be like, “Ksam na you do this thing”. This surprise confirms the action of Oluwa in my life.

Have you noticed that my facebook username is OluwaChukwudi Ksam. That’s how some people are asking me if ayam a Yoruba guy (sho mo age mi ni 🤨).

Let’s leave the facebook story for another day since it is just part of a story in this story line.

Even this thing sef that I am writing, I didn’t plan to write it but Oluwa yaff been using style to tell me to write it and me ayaff been doing strong head small. See this Big Guy eeeen (I mean Oluwa o), He has a way of doing His own things eeeen, and e too dey make sense for Africa eeen.

Well, I may leave this hanging here because my Story hasn’t end or ended. It hasn’t even started sef, so we’re you expecting it to end before???


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