“You Reign” – Victory Voices Choir

Most producing companies maintain workshops for the production of their goods and showrooms for the display of their finished products. We may not know God’s workshop but the Bible in Psalm 19:1-6 points us to God’s showroom. God creates stars with great splendor and displays them in the heavens i.e. Space.

It is mind blowing to realize, through modern scientific exploration of the Space, that:
(1) each of those ‘twinkle, twinkle, little stars’ is several times bigger than the earth,
(2) a galaxy is a group of many stars,
(3) over a hundred billion galaxies have been discovered in the Space.

These revelations point to the awesomeness of God the creator of the universe. He is, without controversy, incomparably great. Also this revelation is a faith-booster because, if He carries the weight of the galaxies, He will surely carry those who put their trust in Him to destiny.

I know by His word I am created a star in God’s firmament of glory. And, if the stars in these galaxies radiate His glory throughout their existence, like a star I want to dedicate my lifetime to praising God. Hence our song;

Billions of galaxies declare Your glory Lord
Mountains clap their hands Rivers flow in praise
The firmament and the sky testify of Your greatness
Great and mighty God, Ancient of days
You reign in majesty
You reign in majesty
From eternity,
You reign in majesty

I’m created a star [x2]
I’ll praise you like a star.

Like billions stars above
Declare Your glory Lord
I’ll praise You like a star.

Adore Your majesty
Proclaim Your holy name
And make the whole world know

With all my heart
I’ll praise you like a star [x2]

Pastor Kuye Olufunmbi and
Victory Voices Choir of
RCCG Victory Center,

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