The Sacred Triduum

The word Triduum, is of Latin origin which means a period of three days. Thus, as a Catholic term, it is a period of three days that are of special character in the Church’s life. In these days, the Church celebrates its essence. These were the latter days of Christ’s life on earth in which he won victory over death. Hence, in these days, we celebrate his passion, death and resurrection. By dying he destroyed our death, and by rising he restored our lives.

On the first of these three days which is called the Holy Thursday, the Church celebrates the Lord’s banquet in which he gave us his body and blood, and commanded us to always do it in remembrance of him. Co-terminously, the Sacred Priesthood was on the same day born. Furthermore, at this same event, Christ gave us a perfect example of humility and service by washing his apostles’ feet – Do to others as I have done to you (Jn.13:15).

On the second day of the Triduum, called Good Friday, we commemorate the sacred passion and death of our Lord Jesus by which he gave us redemption from our sin and death. This is the height of love that a man can offer for his fellow man. Thus, specially, on this day (with the other two), we are required to make penance in order to share in the sufferings of Christ for us.

On the third day called the Holy Saturday, the Church waits by the grave of Christ in sobriety, penance and prayer for his resurrection. On that night (the vigil which is the mother of all vigils), Christ broke the chains of death; he slew death, the slayer of all men.

In the Sacred Triduum therefore, we celebrate the Mysterium Tremendum et fascinans; that astounding mystery which makes man tremble but at the same time inexorably attracts, fascinates and draws him into a relationship. It was this mirium est opus Dei (God’s wonderful work) that changed the history of man.

I wish you a Blessed Triduum Celebations.


Isidore Ose

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