How to Overcome the Fear of Death

What I am about to share will bring deliverance to someone. It will not only make you fearless but also fortify you against the arrows of death. What I am sharing with you is not just what I read in a book or was taught, but it is a result of an encounter/personal dealing with God. Read this with rapt attention and you’ll be blessed.

One of the biggest problems in life is not poverty. It is not even sickness. It is the fear of death. The thought of knowing that one day we will die sends a cold shiver down the spine of many. It is a reality that people don’t want to accept. Even in the midst of poverty and lack, many still don’t want to die. When you see someone yell the name of Jesus when a rat run over his legs, you know that he is responding to something. He is not shouting Jesus because he doesn’t want to be hurt by whatever it is that ran over his legs. He is actually responding to the fear of death. And it is quite unfortunate that many have met with their Waterloo while running away from death.

One of the secrets to overcoming the fear of death is by dying. Death has nothing to do with a dead man. Death can only come to scare a man that is still alive in himself. Unless you become dead to yourself, you will forever be haunted by the fear of death. The question now is, how does one become dead to oneself? It is simply through repentance and consecration to God. Simple as it were, but deep. Read on.

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.” – Gal. 2:20

Do you understand what it means to be living in Christ? If you catch this revelation, you’ll never be afraid of death or of any evil getting to you.

When you repent and consecrate your life on the altar, you give up living and Jesus takes over. So, when death comes to kill you, he doesn’t find you to kill. He sees no one but Jesus. As a matter of fact, you become God in human skin when you die to yourself and consecrate your life entirely to Him.

You didn’t believe? Read 1 John 4:4
“YE ARE GOD, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is HE THAT IS IN YOU, than he that is in the world.”

If death cannot kill God, then death cannot kill a true child of God.

Let me stop there and talk a bit about the second secrets to breaking free from the fear of death.

The second secret to becoming fearless of death is when you understand your purpose and resolve in your heart to fulfill it.

We are God’s creatures and He is obsessed with seeing us fulfill His purpose. He didn’t send us here just to exist and die. There is a unique purpose for which He has created us. The ultimate goal is to make His Kingdom find expression on earth through us. He has given us this realm to dominate, so without us as a vessel, He cannot express Himself as Lord on earth. Not even angels can make His kingdom come on earth. It has to be through us.

Once you discover your purpose and you make up your mind to achieve it, heaven is obligated to protect you and ensure you fulfill it because God’s reputation is at stake if you fail. Imagine God telling you in heaven that, although you are faithfully doing what He sent you to do on earth yet He allowed the devil to destroy or take your life before your time. He is a just God and will do no such thing. He takes it upon Himself to protect you because it is not just about you, but also because of His glory and reputation.

Smith Wigglesworth demonstrated this fearlessness in one of his encounters with the devil.
He narrated:
“We were sleeping one night when the manifestation of evil filled the room and the spirit of fear gripped both of us. Polly was so frightened she could not open her eyes. I suddenly sat up, in the bed, and saw the devil. I rubbed my eyes to be sure, it was him. I said, ‘Oh! It’s only you.’ I then turned to Polly and told her to go back to sleep, it was nothing of consequence, and I laid my head back down. Suddenly an overwhelming sense of peace and love filled the room and we had the most blessed sleep ever.”

I challenge you, fellow drama minster. If you have a strong feeling that God has given you the gift and desire for acting to fulfill His purpose through acting, do everything to run with it. Don’t allow any church or individual makes it look like a child’s play or irrelevant.

If you think you have the gift of comedy, there are ways you can use it to glorify God. There are many foolish and ungodly things people do. You can expose it through comedy and make light of it in a comical way. While the people are laughing, they are also becoming aware and convicted of those wrong things. I watch MarkAngel Comedy and I can say those guys are really using their gifts to glorify God. Most of their skits, though funny but with godly morals. There are also Christian comedians scattered all over the world. Go learn from them.

I am not of the opinion that comedy is ungodly, so long it is not anti-Kingdom. Once you start making a joke of holy things and men of God, then you’re an ant-Christ. You’re not fulfilling God’s purpose and God is not obligated to protect you.

In conclusion, get saved and consecrated to God, discover what God has sent you on earth to do, start living to fulfill it and be rest assured that He will protect you and ensure you accomplish everything He has created you to accomplish. And when it’s time for you to leave, He will take you home. It doesn’t matter how He decides to take you home, but the truth is that no one can touch you without His permission. Before anything gets to you, it must pass through God and Christ because “you are dead, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” – Col. 3:3

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Alienyi E. Jeremiah is an author and a gifted Christian scriptwriter. He has written countless short scripts for stage and screen and a number full-length scripts for movies.

He’s also a professional cinematography and an editor. Alienyi E. Jeremiah is the current president of Pearly Gate Media, Nigeria.

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