PString: The CEO, Music Professor, Hacker, Engineer…and the list continues

Its always nice to hear from a man who is a professional in various fields and who is also multi-talented. He is currently the CEO of all PString Institutes in this world; isn’t that great?

Don’t miss this great exclusive interview as we unveil our Mr. CEO. He will share a little of his hacking knowledge to us and he will answer one of the most disturbing questions in the music world of today…what is that question?

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KSInfo: Good Morning Sir. Thank you, once more, for granting us this privilege of having this exclusive interview with you, we are indeed honoured.

PString: Morning sir.

KSInfo: Please, can you start by telling us your name and one or two things about yourself.

PString: I am Fadipe Oluwasegun Peter by name. I am an astute motivational speaker, Musicologist, Hacker, Electrical Engineer, Computer IT Professional, cinematographer, photographer, graphics designer, computer programmer, video editor, animation designer, promoter, lecturer in these courses,
Author, Seminar leader, Corporate trainer and Entrepreneur.


KSInfo: This is a high-ranking profile sir. How do you cope or manage all these at once.

PString: Its not easy at first because I had to do everything myself; moving from one company or office to another to render my service. But as time went on I was able to have different company for all my Service. Currently, I have P STRING MUSIC AND TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE to impact people of all sort, I also have P STRING MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS for general printing and cinematography service, and I have P STRING ENGINEERING LIMITED for engineering services and other Offices like that to render my services and professionals work with me. So, with my own knowledge I work as their supervisor since i am a professional in all these aspects.

KSInfo: That’s certainly true. At the early stage, things get tough. You may even think about quitting, but when you keep on struggling, you will end up being a CEO or a supervisor like Mr. Peter, or should I say Mr. Pstrings.

PString: Yes ooo, it is not easy to be C.E.O, because its tough but whenever I remember that when the going get tough it is only the tough ones can get going, I always put more effort.

KSInfo: Thank you so much for that advice sir. This will benefit many people who intend to start up their business and have dreams similar to what you have already accomplished.

I will like to ask few questions pertaining to your musical life/experiences. But before I do that, I wish that you clarify something for us.

When you said you are a hacker, I know most of us were like, “ahhhhh so he’s the one hacking all the facebook accounts”, “ahhh so he does that kind of bad business”, etc. Hacking is now tagged as a bad enterprise, please can you just clarify that for us so that we won’t go on thinking in that same line.

PStrings: 😂[laughs out loud] that is general saying but hacking is technical work that requires deep understanding, especially of a computer system. An hacker enjoys going deep into computer to know one thing or the other. They love enhancing their dexterity on computer system.
We have three types of hacker
We have White hat hacker, Black hat hacker and Grey hat hacker

  • White hat hacker go deep into computer to understand something’s for defensive purpose
  • Black hat hacker go deep into computer to understand something’s for offensive purpose
  • Grey hat hacker go deep into computer to understand something’s for defensive and offensive purpose

I am a grey hat hacker. I can destroy and I can protect. But base on law any certified hacker that destroy without any reasonable reason will go to jail (20years). So I am a Certified Ethical Hacker

KSInfo: Let’s use the simpler term, by offensive you mean the normal or lay man’s interpretation of hack; like to hack facebook account 😂 . Sorry I am using facebook account because most people have experienced that. With that, they don’t even want to hear the word “hack”, because when they hear if it, the next thing that comes to their mind is “facebook hacking”.

PString: Yes sir
Offensive purpose:- To hack Facebook or bank account
Defensive purpose:- to prevent hacking Facebook and bank account

KSInfo: [Hehe] That is quite clear now. And you have knowledge of both, but you are a certified Ethical Hacker. This implies that you can’t use your knowledge to do something bad.

PString: I am a Certified Ethical Hacker and my class is Grey Hat Hacker; i can destroy and protect.

KSInfo: Well I guess we’ve learnt one or two things about hacking and you’ve been able to clear our doubts and misconceptions.

Going over to the music section, we won’t waste much time here. I just want to ask few questions to clear misconceptions as well.

I see a lot of musicians adding the name of the instrument they play as a suffix or prefix to their names: for example Emmakeys, Diposax, EmekaSticks, James voice and even you PStrings [smile]. Most people see it as pride, and some others say that people who do that aren’t professionals in the field, they just want to use it to brag or boast about what they aren’t. But what can you say about this, as in what is your own view? (Don’t forget that you also have that as a suffix to your name [smile]).

100 level days

PString: [Hmmmm] This is serious topic, but let me start by saying this. Yemisax is a very good saxophonist. It is true that most upcoming instrumentalist give themselves name; which the main reason is best known to them. Meanwhile the best reason should be that you want people to know that you major on this instrument you attached to your name even if you can play others instrument…

KSInfo: But that’s somehow a sense of pride in one sense. But the issue now is that even a beginner who doesn’t even know the notes in a C major chord or what a C major chord is, will also go about adding keys or strings to his or her name.

Do you see this as an issue?

PString: As for me I did not name myself. My music teacher do call me Peter String and before I knew, it went viral in my environment then.

KSInfo: And that has become PString as it is today.

PString: Those that name themselves has reason for doing it so I can’t judge anyone for doing because we have many professionals that name themselves while others were named.

Secondary School Music Competition

KSInfo: It seems with regards to this topic, one can only speak for himself and not for others. Thank you sir for your contributions thus far in the hacking and musical world.

But before you go can you give us a piece of advice on how to prevent our accounts from getting hacked and advice for musicians who are aspiring to be like you.

PString: The issue of account being hacked is common now. Basically don’t open any link that you never requested for and don’t supply your bank account details to anyone or online if the source is not verified. For upcoming musicians, you need to learn music theory and that will guide you on your practical application. Keep rehearsing and keep moving SLOW MOTION IS BETTER THAN NO MOTION.

KSInfo: Thank you so much for your time and patience sir. KSInfo sincerely appreciate you for your support so far and for honoring our request.

Thanks once more sir.


PString: You are most welcome.

Admission into PString’s various institutions is in progress

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