PitaStringz: The Young Music Minister With a Difference

Prince Abobarin Olaoluwa, popularly known as Pitastringz, is a music minister, a lead guitarist and a Mechanical Engineering student of The Polytechnic Ibadan. He is a young musician with a difference.

Follow us as we journey into his world, via this chat session with him. Follow us till the end to watch his music covers.

Contact PitaStringz: via Facebook @ Prince Abobarin PitaStringz, via Instagram @ pitastringz_official


Interview Session With Mr. PitaStringz

KSInfo: Good evening Mr. PitaStringz.
Thank you once more for granting us this great privilege of having this exclusive interview with you, we are indeed honoured.

PitaStringz: It’s my pleasure.

KSInfo: Thank you sir. Most people know you by your stage name, PitaString, but they don’t know your real name. Please can you tell us your real name?

PitaStringz: My real name is Abobarin Peter Olaoluwa.

KSInfo: You are certainly from the Southwestern Part of Nigeria, I hope am not mistaken?

PitaStringz: Yeah

KSInfo: From which State sir?

PitaStringz: Osun State.

KSInfo: That’s nice sir.
So far, with your live performances and covers of some songs, no one will doubt that you are certainly a guitarist. At what age, what year or when did you develop interest in doing music or playing the guitar?

PitaStringz: [Ummm…] I’ve always been a music lover since I was a very little boy. My mum is a chorister

and I grew up listening to Gospel music. But when I was in primary school. I started singing at shows, street festivals and so on. I started playing musical instrument with Drums. [Smile] I play Drums, Piano and Talking Drums, but Guitar is my favourite. Because I believe its part of me. Guitar speaks my mind more than my voice can.

KSInfo: Wow, I am really touched by those words “Because I believe its part of me. Guitar speaks my mind more than my voice can“. People say that musicians express themselves through the instruments they play. With those words I am undoubtedly certain that it is true.

PitaStringz: Yes it is.

KSInfo: So, what benefit(s) or privilege(s) have you enjoyed as a guitarist or as a musician?

PitaStringz: [Emmm] Lots of benefits…

First, I do music because it is my calling; It is what I love and it gives me happiness. And aside that, God keeps blessing me on daily basis through music. I don’t bill churches and, most times, I don’t collect money to perform but people always appreciate me and honor me with cash and other stuffs. Music is all I do.
There was a day I went to celebrate with of my brother’s friend at Ogbomosho. When I got there a day before the ceremony, I realized that I can’t sleep at the place prepared for me; with no hotel nearby, and as at that time, I haven’t gotten my car.

While I was outside, a man just looked at me and said, “Sorry sir, are you not Pitastringz?” I said, I am sir.
He was like, “wow, I live nearby”. Immediately he called his wife and he accommodated me. That’s part of the benefits I have enjoyed.

KSInfo: Wow that’s amazing.

It’s not really easy to see people with that kind of heart in this our contemporary world. For them to accept you into their home, it really speaks a lot about you and about them.

PitaStringz: Yes that’s true.

KSInfo: To be sincere sir, is music a lucrative business? For instance, with the way the Nigerian Economy is, will you advice a friend or someone who is in need of money to go into music?

PitaStringz: If its the person’s calling, YES, I would advice. But if its not [Hmm] I won’t.

Music isn’t about money. Most of these people we see on social medias, televisions and so on, don’t have money and they have fame. Infact most of those things we see and hear about them is “hyping”
Music won’t start giving you money the same day you start. Infact, good Musicians spend more on music than music gives them, until Some certain level where God will start rewarding

KSInfo: From what I could gather sir, by hyping you mean that the media tries to paint a very good image about them. That they are very successful above the level they actually are.

This is a kind of deception as many of our youths have fallen for this.

Also from what you said, we should go into music IF IT IS OUR CALLING and not because we want to make money (sharp sharp money).

So have you officially or unofficially done any track or album, any single or double [smile]?

PitaStringz: Yeah, I have done some songs, but I haven’t officially released them. Looking forward to releasing them this year.

KSInfo: We are fully prepared and we can’t wait for your tracks and albums. With your performances on stage and via the covers you’ve done to some song, we believe that it will be a great one.

PitaStringz: Thanks sir

KSInfo: Thank you so much sir, for your time and patience sir.

Before we round up this session if our interview, is there anything you would like to say to upcoming musicians and guitarists, especially the youths?

PitaStringz: Pray, rehearse, do good music and keep learning.

KSInfo: Thank you so much sir. KSInfo sincerely appreciate you for your support so far and for honoring our request.


PitaStringz: You are welcome sir [smile].

Watch Video Covers Below

Contact PitaStringz: via Facebook @ Prince Abobarin PitaStringz, via Instagram @ pitastringz_official and email -peterabobarin@outlook


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