An Introspective Approach to John Bunyan’s Book: “Pilgrims Progress”

“Man is lonely on earth
Man is only a pilgrim on earth
Born to be King but it is just a temporary thing
Only a loan while on earth.”

The authenticity of the fact that all of us are pilgrims on earth is made audible to the deaf and clear to the blind. For, man’s life is indeed fleeting, and would end at the proper time, as it relates to everyone. The recognition and appreciation of this reality should spur in us the zeal to live a fruitful life, characterized by a sincere service to God, and love for what is right.

Our zest for what is right should also be built also on the fact that we are all on a journey to the Celestial City, “heaven”. Hence, we must not lose sight of all that is required of us as Christians, in order to attain a place in that glorious City.

The road that leads to that Celestial City is obviously not without its own challenges, demanding a constant sense of determination and the will power from pilgrims who journey through it. these challenges which present themselves in various modes such as hostility from family and friends, disappointments, temptations, amidst others, should be seen, with a positive mindset, as factors that are geared towards helping us to be resolute in our decision to be candidates of that glorious city, Heaven.

Our common enemy we all battle with on our journey as Christians towards heaven is sin. It presents itself sometimes in a most subtle way, so that we might fall victims to it. This, obviously, is the wish of the devil that we fall and remain in that sinful state of ours. However, God recognizes the frail nature of man, and is ever ready to welcome us when we ask for forgiveness, evident in the parable of the prodigal son.

As we begin this new month embodied with its trials, temptations, and challenges, we are admonished to reflect on our lives and the reality of its fleeting state. The struggle continues and this is what makes us human, more importantly Christians. We are not to give in to despair as we struggle to live a fulfilled Christian life on earth. May God grant us the graces needed to achieve this feat, and attain eternal life. Amen! Have a stress free month. I remain JohnPaul Nwabuisi Tobechukwu.

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