Happy New Month Messages for friends and loved ones

Messages and well wishes that are sent at the beginning of the month goes a long way in strengthening and building relationships/bonds.

Why not grab this opportunity now, if you are not used to it. You can use these beautifully composed and designed messages to brighten up your day and that of your friends and loved ones.


It’s a new month
It’s a new chance
It’s a new opportunity
It’s a new time to make things right
It’s a new time to think positively
It’s a new time to love

It’s a new month and everything is new (O.K)


Every July is spring
Each spring, joy brings
The skylark sings
And the raindrops, d lawns make green.

I was born in spring
You too,
For in the spring of our lives,
The seeds that greatness become
Were planted. (I.E)


Life is indeed shrouded with challenges, each day, each month we face some sort of challenge. Christ assures us of his Love reaffirm that he is with us till the end of time. No matter how hard your challenge might be, stay strong for he is with you. Never lose hope. As we venture in to this pregnant new month it is my prayer that we may be ever conscious of Christ presence in our lives, and feel the zest to wax stronger in our lives journey, Amen! Happy New Month! (T.P)


The first six months of 2018 is gone and we are going to enjoy this new month in peace, love and joy, filled with blessings and sufficient grace, as we March together into the month of July. Happy New Month! (J.B)


May God who gives us peace make you completely his and may he keep your soul, body and mind free from all faults at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Have a blessed and fulfilled new month (T.P)


With the passing of the days,
The sands of time reduces
Yet each moment brings its reward.
Did we not die yesteryears and shall we not again die?
But how shall we die when we haven’t lived.
You live and then I shared
of your living
For in March we the perfect match have become. (I.E)


It is often said that change of place starts a new game, may this change of month refresh us and make us new in heart and mind. (O.K)


It is a new day, a new month. May God continue to bless and keep you. May he lift his countenance upon you and be gracious to you as well as to all around you. Happy New Month. E.E


As we enter into this sublime month of March, may God in his infinite goodness continue to shower you with his blessings and may you excel in your right doings, Amen. Happy new month to you! (T.P)


Its not just another day, its a new day. Happy July!!! (I.E)


Lord make us instruments of your peace!!!
Where there is hatred, let your love renew.
Walls of pride and prejudice shall fail when we are your instrument of peace.
Happy New Month to You


Something is wrapped by God: It is a gift. Open your eyes by 00:00 (12am) it is there: A new Month. A month filled with joy and laughter. You shall be filled with God from the very first day to the last, and don’t forget to take over your possessions this month.
Happy New Month. E.E

The Contributors

Mary Bello (M.B) – princessmarydavid114@gmail.com

Ogbete Kingsley (O.K) – king4val@yahoo.com

Ejike Esther (E.E) – ejikesther@gmail.com

Tobechukwu Paul (T.P) – melchi5801@gmail.com

Idachaba Emmanuel (I.E) – idachabaemmanuel1@gmail.com

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