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The story of the animal kingdom is one that has received audience from all parts of the world. It is known in every nation, language, tribe, ethnicity and culture, and it is, at most times, modified to suit or fit into the theme to be communicated. These animals are presented as beings who could communicate among themselves with the local language of the humans in that jurisdiction, not minding the difference in their specie and genus. They were/are presented as having human-like emotional, spiritual and psychological features…

snap out of this, let’s come back to the real world!

All these are classified as folklore or myth. Their authenticity is really questionable in this world. But we know that these animals have intra-genus or intra-specie communication with themselves: Dogs communicate through barking and snakes through hissing, among others. These animals also have their special features and perform special actions aside the ones that we were misled to believe by these stories.

this was the status quo…..till when things began to change somewhere around the world

No one knows what to believe anymore. Strange and abnormal things have become the order of the day. In the middle of 2017, it was all about the Crocodile tears and Python dance. We were undoubtedly certain that the interpretation wasn’t literal or direct; that is, it was just used as an analogy. But in this case of physical attribution, we are tempted to ask certain questions…

Is it the case that the animal kingdom wants to dominate and overthrow humankind, or that these are just fabricated stories, like tales by moonlight, told to children?

Are these animals guilty as charged?

Or is it the case that they are being accused because they can neither defend themselves nor speak in a language we can understand?

Who will hear them out, to ascertain if they are guilty as charged or are innocent?

the accused and their offense

🐀 The Rat

A rat is “a medium-sized rodent belonging to the genus Rattus. It is a mammal of the order Rodentia, characterized by long incisors that grow continuously and are worn down by gnawing. To gnaw means to bite something persistently, especially something tough.” (This text is extracted from the Wiktionary and it is available under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license) To see more about rats click here

okay!!! rats chased the president from his office

Well, I do not doubt it’s possibility. Hehe, but even with the annual 4.9 billion naira (N4,900,000,000~$13.5million) spent for the maintenance of the office, it takes PhD holders or qualified/certified rats, perhaps CIA rats, to do that. Cong rats Nigeria (sorry, I mean congrats Nigeria, hehe).

🐍 The Snake

A snake is “a legless reptile of the sub-order Serpentes with a long, thin body and a fork-shaped tongue. It is a cold-blooded vertebrate of the class Reptilia.” (this text is extracted from the Wiktionary and it is available under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license). Click here to know more about snakes

and we heard that a snake swallowed 36 million naira (N36,000,000~$99,720). You can watch the video below, who knows, it might not be untrue

oooops, I am speechless.

🐵 The Monkey

A monkey is “any member of the clade Simiiformes not also of the clade Hominoidea containing humans and apes, from which they are usually, but not universally, distinguished by smaller size, a tail, and cheek pouches. It is also any primate, including apes (this text is extracted from the Wiktionary and it is available under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license). For more information about monkeys click here

and we heard that monkeys swallowed 70 million naira (N70,000,000~$193,900)

If these animals are not guilty as charged then…then…then….

Nigeria! O Nigeria! What is really happening? When did we start providing “zoocentric” excuses to mismanagement of funds?

While we were still debating on and pondering on these acts…

Dragon flew away with newly awarded loan from world bank ($468million)

and then the latest is…

52million naira government fund, mysteriously swallowed by fish

This is really funny, I started writing this piece with only the first three animal’s scenes (rats, snake and monkeys). But, but, but…but before I completed it, two other animals mysteriously joined the other two and they formed the swallowing team, the swallowers.

I won’t be surprised, if more animals keep swallowing, perhaps if more animals are accused of swallowing our money.

Why is it only the government’s money that these animals go after, why not the individual’s personal money?

What happened to our banks, why can’t these leaders keep the money in them rather than providing rooms for such excuses?

Or are we (the masses) now reduced to the level of being irrational or not capable of thinking, that they some people think we can be fed with these and we will believe them hook-line-and-sinker?

There are so many questions to be asked and so many things to be done. But we need to ask ourselves and answer this important question: “are we going to act or are we going to sit back and watch the show, as we have always been doing???”

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Kalu Samuel Chukwudi

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  1. Nelson Provo

    You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

    1. Post

      At a point in time, there’s a need to speak up, especially when the issue or problem becomes unbearable.

      Thank you very much for the nice words

  2. Mary Bello

    Its all a matter of our love for money, that is why politicians and people who are trusted with this things have turned it into a zoo money stealing. It is well.

    Nice one Ksam, keep it up

    1. Post

      They steal our money and now are blaming the innocent animals.
      Because they can’t speak for themselves.

      I pity them

      Thanks dear

  3. Rosemary

    Whenever I hear such stories I feel ashamed. I don’t know how some people will be holding on to money that can buy them. People are in need of such money, and yet someone will embezzle money and say it is dragon that carried it and fly. Sammy, nice write up.. Awaiting more

    1. Post

      There is a difference between excuse and reason.
      This is obviously an excuse, Infact a flimsy one. It can’t be called a reason, not at all.

      Thanks Rosey


  4. Olawale Charles

    Animals taking over things is still so much unreal, probably because of my believe system and rationality.

    Where on earth do we still have or heard about “dragon” in this present century dispensation? Not this time again.

    We have the few playing game on the intelligence of the vast majority because of their influence through power and position. Wise up Nigerians and add value to yourself and your community every hour/day so that the next generation won’t suffer double.

    Thank you to ksinfo.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much Mr. Charles. We are also suffering from poverty of the sense of history. We don’t know our past, that’s why we have problem in understanding our present world and predicting the future as well.

      If we had known all these, we won’t give room for some leaders to take us for a ride.

      Thank you so much sir.

      We appreciate your comment.


  5. osakuni precious

    The crap those in authority try to sell to us doesn’t amuse me.. It actually infuriates me the way Nigerians seem to laugh about national issues..
    Nice write up, I just wish people take these things more serious, and not in the comical sense.
    The amount of money being joked about can be used to better the lives of millions.
    People should learn to make those in authority behave more responsibly

    1. Post

      When the news of the Snake swallowing 36m came up, we joked about it and nothing was done. Perhaps, that was what motivated others to make up other flimsy excuses with the animals.

      If it was the case that capital punishment was meted out to that woman, surely others won’t have it in mind to give such excuses (I am not saying that capital punishment should be given to them).

      Thanks for the Comment brother

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