Don’t Waste the Prize he Paid for You

He died for us that we may live. He poured out his lifeblood so that we may have life, and not just temporal life but eternal life. In other words, his death was the price for our continuous existence.

What if he did not die? What if he did not pay the prize? What will become of us?

If he did not die, the temporal life we are enjoying right now will be hopeless because it will end in futility. But because of his death, we have the hope of eternal glory. That is the reason we must always give glory to God, especially in this season of lent where we commemorate the prize he paid for us.

But dear friends, giving glory to God is not just about singing and playing on the violin, keyboard or other liturgical musical instruments. It also entails how we live our lives. Many of us go to church every now and then singing, shouting and praying and proclaiming our love for God vocally while our daily activities and our relationship with our neighbors portray the hatred of God. In other words, our expression of God’s love is mainly vocal. We show great love for the self and Satan by our activities meanwhile we proclaim that we love God vocally.

Dear friends, this is a season to look deeply into our lives and correct all anomalies. God is ready to save us from the powers of this world and from hell but we need to cooperate with the grace of God. As Christians, we are encouraged to always make clean breast of ourselves and continually pray for God’s mercy and pardon especially during this period of lent. This is indeed a period where we need to actually repent from all our wrong doings and make conscious efforts to avoid sin and all that may lead us to sin. Dear friends, as we sing together our next song for pardon and for forgiveness of our sins, let us not sing  just with our lips, let us truly ask God for pardon and resolve in our hearts to turn away from sin…


Dear friends, God has heard your cry and he will pardon you of all your iniquities through Christ our Lord. Amen!

All those pleadings you just made and the forgiveness and pardon you have received from God need to be sustained so that it can yield eternal result. This cannot be possible if one does not draw oneself closer to God at all times; if one does not invoke God to always be with one; or if one does not cry and call upon God for strength and courage to live a good life that is in accordance with his ordinances. Our every day’s songs and prayers should be centered on invoking God to be with us and to raise us with his cross above the power of sin. If God is with us everyday of our life, Psalm 91 will play out in our life because he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. If you are constantly drawing yourself close to  Jesus, He will become your Shepherd and you will not want. Psalm 23 is my prayer for you and your family this season of lent and always. Amen.

Finally dear friends, let us call upon God to draw us nearer to himself and protect us with the power of His cross and keep us safe from the magnetic attractions of the pleasures of this world.

May the time you have spent reading this reflection culminate into eternal life for you and may the prize that Jesus paid for you never be in vain through Christ our Lord Amen!


 Reflection and Music by Franklin Onovughakpor

A Catholic seminarian of the Oblates of Saint Joseph.

Contact him via Email:

Facebook Id: Onovughakpor Franklin


  1. Nathaniel Cyril Onovughakpor

    Nice reflection & music. May we gain salvation through the passion of Christ our Lord and Saviour amen.

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