Where We Belong

I come from a distant land,
Some habitation with a terrain so bland
where the sand unaided caresses my feet
and the wind romances my hair in bits

Mine is not a citadel set in gold
Like the opulent cathedrals of Ancient Rome
It’s not a city set carved on the hills
but a simple ground adorned by dills

The cacophony of the raucous music of the frog
Keeps the stranger alert in a perpetual slog
Did not the mordant vocal lady frog sing to us a lullaby
Why did we all revel in the melody but the passer-by?

Such is the matchlessness of the land which gave me birth
There is no shame or aversion for the vilest dearth
Where I come from, people loved each other in innocent vulnerability
In my homeland, the reprimand of elders meets the offender’s culpability

The little ones, yes! The children laughing at one another
They play in the sands till mama Atubele’s calls resounding yonder
Bid them come to wash up the dishes and organise for dinner
Did not we dine one with the other and make for the chargrill with the kindler

Lest the termites of forgetfulness eat the mistletoes of my memory
I’d pick pebbles from the rugged road of the serene past
Where we belong, sorrows and joys were shared in voiceless bravery
Sorrow was welcomed as though it was joy unmasked

Where we belong, the skylark ushers us into the morn with her harmony
The nightingale bids us goodnight with her beautiful symphony
The world can shut the singers, it can muffle the drums
But who dares ask the nightingale to sing not or the skylark to keep mum

Where we belong is bliss
Where we belong is happiness
You can’t but feel nostalgic
Anytime you think on where we belong!!!

About the Poet

Idachaba Emmanuel

Contact him: via email- idachabaemmanuel1@gmail.com; Instagram – Immasax; Twitter – ienemali; Facebook -Immasax McStephen

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