The ValenAsh Day

Today, being the 14th day of the Month of February 2018, we are faced with two colours – ash and red. What does this actually signify? What is nature telling us? What is the true message of this day?

Considering the significance of these colours, I have no doubt that there is a clarion call for repentance for the many times we have loved wrongly. Red stands for love and ash for repentance. This is a day of repentance from all forms of pretentious love, forbidden love, hypocritical love, ungodly love and all forms of selfish and devilish oriented love.

The amalgamation of ash and red today is by no means a coincidence but a divine arrangement. The Lenten season calls everyone to make a clean breast of oneself and embrace the life of humility and sincerity in the love of Christ. One thing that has eaten so deep into the world today and which has received nods from majority of the inhabitants of the world is “fake love”. We are called this day to ameliorate this quagmire and embrace the ‘AshRed love’. Celebrate the love u have for your friends and loved ones today in an ‘AshRed’ grand style.

Finally my dear friends, the ash is a reminder that we have come from dust and surely unto dust shall we return. Be that as it is, there is something in every human which does not belong to dust and that is the soul…the final destination of the soul is determined by the kind of love we express.

Happy ValinAsh day to you all.

About the Author

Franklin Onovughakpor is a Catholic seminarian of the Oblates of Saint Joseph.

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