The New Media for Christian Mission

The truism that our world is fast developing into a global village is not an overemphasized one, rather it is one that is empirically verifiable.

This is so because our world today is such that we can do almost everything just at our fingertip and at our door step because of the introduction of the New Media. With the New Media, as well as with the refurbished versions of the old and traditional ones, we get to do things, to a very large extent, the way and how we want them done. This has created a very large platform for humans to exercise their freedom and independence and as such, to a great extent, removed God from the affairs of the society, which is called secularization. This is because most humans feel they can do without God, they do not need to depend on him again and as such they want to be free from any attachment towards Him.

We can somehow deduce that the emergence of the media also brought in the emergence of secularization into the world and as such the Christian mission has been under attack. It is important to draw the demarcating line here. The idea that the media only brings about the emergence of secularization is an exaggeration although it has played a big role in this direction. Media is also used for evangelization of the world through the propagation of Christian faith.


According to the Gospel of St. Matthew (28:18), Jesus commissioned his disciples to go into the whole world to preach the good news, make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the son and the Holy Spirit. In this respect, we too are bound, by the virtue of being Christians, to take up the mandate given by Christ and to carry out this mission.

Based on this, there are various ways by which this mission can be carried out; such as through preaching to people by our words (speaking to them about the Truth of Christ) and by our deeds and actions (doing things in the right way as well as acting what we preach, not only telling others to do the same).

During their time, the disciples made use of the effective, efficacious and fastest means in carrying out this mission. In our contemporary world, it is evident that there is so much of technological advancement as well as the increase in knowledge of the empirical world. In this light, it is important for us to make use of the fastest and most effective means of our era to carry out this mission. In our era, the New Media has proved to be the fastest and most effective of all so it is necessary to employ this although there are loopholes inherent it.


By the ‘new media’ we mean the recent or new ways by which we communicate. The world becomes a ‘global village’ with this, and some things which were thought to be impossible now become possible.

Although the internet has done great things for our contemporary world, it has also caused a lot of damages to it. The use of the ‘new media’ has been both helpful and harmful to those who use it. We can see some positive sides of the media like creating job opportunities, sending messages very fast to very distant relative and making new friends. Amidst these positive sides, we also know that the new media can be used to instill and spread violence, terrorism and promiscuity.


Owning to the fact that the Christians need to carry out their mandate effectively, they employ the means of the ‘new media’. It is important to know that the Gospel of Christ, to a very large extent, has been able to reach and penetrate almost all the ends of the earth, as Christ commanded. Those places which the new media could not reach, the “old media” or another means was employed (one to one or one to a large group communication). We communicate the Gospel through the social media, e-mails, e-news and other e-services.

Christ already assures us that we are going to face persecution, but for Christians these challenges should not hinder us from living and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. The mandate of Christ should be carried out through the fastest means of communication.

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