Majesty By Oc Omofuma

Oc Omofuma is a Music Minister and a Versatile Guitarist who is fully convinced of his call towards the Gospel-line. He hails from Edo State but presently resides in Lagos State. His passion for music transformed him from a young ordinary church guitarist, to an international guitarist who ministers to those within and outside Nigeria …

Christ is Risen: A Story for Fools?

“He said He is the Messiah. He said he is God. He said He is the giver of Life. But He allowed Himself to be sold, betrayed, denied, scourged, mocked, crucified and, worst of all, He ended up hanging and dying naked on a piece of wood, a Cross.
What god would accept such humiliation? Isn’t this Illogical? We were still battling with the absurdity and illogicality of this self-proclaimed god, when we heard from his followers that He has risen from the grave… it is just another attempt of April Fool, that the so-called Christians”

What If

Whilst praying this morning, I found myself saying these words, “what if?” I considered the impact men like Pastor W.F Kumuyi have made in my life and I cried, What If? I reflected on the tremendous impact Dr. Myles Munroe made and still making in my life, though dead, and I couldn’t help but cried, …